Computer Lab Policies

Boston University College of Fine Arts - Computer Lab Policies

Last Modified: March 28, 2008

1. Computer Lab Usage

- The College of Fine Arts Computer Lab is open to all Boston University students, faculty, staff and alumni only. However, students enrolled in College of Fine Arts courses that meet in the Lab have priority for the completion of specific course assignments. Students, faculty, staff and alumni not enrolled in these classes may use the Lab for other purposes (Office applications, Internet access, application use, etc.), but must give up their computer if a student needs it to work on coursework requiring specific application on the Lab workstations.

- All customers who wish to use a computer in the Computer Lab must present their BU Terrier Card (or another form of picture identification for alumni) and sign a form indicating that they agree to abide by all policies on the *CFA Computer Lab - Customer Policies: March 28, 2008.* Customers will then be assigned a personal account with a temporary generic password, *welcome*, that can be used on any computer in the Lab. There is no charge for the setup of an account. Failure to abide by any policy may result in the suspension or termination of access to resources in the Lab, University sanctions, and/or criminal charges.

- Smoking, eating and/or drinking from open containers anywhere in the Computer Lab are strictly prohibited. All opened food and drinks must be disposed of in the trash barrel, placed on the shelf next to the front entrance, or placed away in your bag prior to entering the Lab. Only bottled liquid drinks may be brought into the Computer Lab at anytime, and they must be tightly capped when not being consumed. Customers who maintain a history of failure to abide by this policy will have their account suspended indefinitely.

- The College of Fine Arts is not responsible for personal belongings left behind or unattended in the Lab.

2. Hardware and Software Equipment

- The Computer Lab's equipment is the property of Boston University and the College of Fine Arts, and is not to be removed from the Lab for any reason whatsoever. The College of Fine Arts is the sole licensee for all software installed on the computers. The unauthorized duplication of any software from any computer is in violation of this license agreement, and is illegal.

- Use of Computer Lab equipment for commercial ventures or e-mail spamming of any kind is prohibited.

- Any form of tampering, hacking, or the introduction of viruses or malicious files of any kind on any computer, server or network device is prohibited.

- Viewing of information that may be considered indecent, including pornographic images, to other customers is prohibited.

3. Personal Data

- Files may be stored in your personal Lab account on the Lab's network server or in your shared class folder, if applicable. All data will be purged at the end of each semester to make space available for future semesters. Requests to have personal data saved from end-of-semester purges must be made in writing by sending an e-mail to the Requests to restore purged data may not be possible after the semester is over.

- The College of Fine Arts is not responsible for the security of files temporarily stored on accounts or shared class folders, and is not liable for any consequential damages. Customers should always save and backup their data after each use on CDs, DVDs, USB flash storage devices, other USB or firewire external storage devices, floppy disks, or by sending the files to yourself via e-mail.

4. Printer Output

- Customers are financially responsible for all of the printouts and copies they generate. Current rates are posted in the Computer Lab. Payment must be made prior to submitting print jobs for the LaserJet printers. Payment must be made at the time print jobs requests are picked up for inkjet print job requests. Any print job request that is not picked up will result in suspension of a customer's Lab account and automatic withdrawal of any funds in the customer's Lab account for reimbursement of the cost associated with labor and supplies for printing ten days after the initial print job request is submitted.

- Customers will not be held financially accountable for bad printouts due to mechanical printer errors, including ink running out or poor paper alignment, as long as the bad printout is returned to a CFA Information Technology Office staff member. Improper page setup, colors *not coming out the way it appeared on the screen*, and/or incorrectly submitted files are not considered mechanical printer errors. Proof printing is highly recommended to avoid color satisfaction issues.

- All print credits will automatically transfer to following semesters. Print credits in an account will be purged upon date of graduation as stated on the initial account setup form for all students and upon departure from the University for all faculty and staff. Requests for unused money in a Lab account anytime prior to a user's graduation date is possible by completing a cash withdrawal request form available at the Computer Lab Help Desk.

5. Miscellaneous Computer Lab Equipment

- Customers must provide their BU Terrier Card in exchange for any item borrowed from the Computer Lab Help Desk. Any item borrowed from the Lab must be returned by the close of the Lab on that particular day; otherwise, the customer's account may be suspended until the item(s) is/are returned. All books, manuals, periodicals, headphones, stationery supplies, and/or any other material borrowed from the Lab may not be removed from the Lab at any time whatsoever.

- Customers are financially responsible for the safe and complete return of any books, manuals, periodicals, headphones, stationery supplies, and/or any other material they may borrow during their use of the Computer Lab.

6. Computer Lab Assistants

- During open lab hours, CFA Information Technology Office staff are responsible for the basics of maintaining the integrity of the Lab's computer network and providing end-user support for network access, printing, and basic application assistance. For more complex issues that cannot be resolved by an on-duty staff member, they are instructed to escalate the issue to senior CFA Information Technology Office staff, which may not be until the following business day. Staff are not an alternative for learning the necessary applications. For extensive assistance with specific applications, customers should consult the appropriate documentation or see their instructor for training assistance.

7. Other

- All refund requests for printing issues, bad media, and/or cash withdrawals from Lab accounts must be made in writing by completing a form available at the Computer Lab Help Desk. Each request will be handled individually within five business days by the CFA Manager of Information Technology.

- All registered customers must abide by policies, which may be in addition to those already outlined in the customer policy agreement, as posted in and throughout the Computer Lab, as instructed by CFA Information Technology Office staff, or as posted on the CFA Computer Lab intranet (